A new Image, a new identity!

A new Image, a new identity!

Nuova Immagine, nuova identità

The Sannio Brewery changes its face and identity.
Passion, territoriality, quality and craftsmanship continue to be the focal points of a company that grows with you and strengthens over time.
The new logo is certainly the result of careful graphic work, but our history is all enclosed inside.

We have renewed our logo's image giving a touch of style and modernity, while remaining particularly tied to the history of our territory, to always give you the certainty of enjoying a quality craft beer.
We continue making products for you processed exclusively with traditional procedures handed down from generations and natural ingredients, principles on which our business management has always been based. We use spring water that flows directly into the valleys of Mount Taburno and we select the finest raw materials, including hops, yeast and malt, from controlled fields.

To emphasise our belonging to the Samnite territory, the basis of our history and culture, we have chosen to completely renew the logo, using a writing font that most belongs to us and can express our link with Samnium.

The two initials B and S of our brewery, made in ancient Oscan, will be our new crest and element of uniqueness. You will find them on various supports such as letterhead, shopping bags, business cards, letter envelopes, glasses as well as on your beloved beers.

We have chosen to customise our products by updating the brand's graphics to make them more incisive and tied to more historical meaning.

Our mission, observing our new logo also revolutionised in its colours, will immediately give you the perception of a refined, good and above all genuine beer from the Samnite land.